4 Best Spots in Byron Bay to Take Photos

Byron Bay is a beautiful location in New South Wales, Australia. It provides for the perfect vacation spot with ample sightseeing to do and a really laid back and relaxed ambience that will help you well and truly unwind. In addition to this, if you have a taste and an eye for good photography there are some great locations that you must not miss while travelling here. Here they are.

The Lighthouse

The Byron Bay Lighthouse is probably one of the most singled out and characteristic ones in all of Australia. The location itself is pretty awesome. It is perched on the top of a stunning cliff that overlooks the sea and serves as a locater for the most Eastern point of the continent. If you manage to get to the summit of the cliff you are able to get some seriously staggering and spell binding 360 degree views off the top. Needless to say, this is probably the most photographed location in Byron Bay.

The Little Wategos

Once you climb down the hill from the lighthouse, you will get to a tiny bay that is really quaint known as Little Wategos. This part is very similar to a private and secluded beach area. Once you keep walking past the Little Wategos there is a location where you can just sit with your camera and watch the waves crashing against the rocks in all of their splendor. The sunrises and sunsets from this point is just really great and is the ideal dream photo location for any avid photographer.


The Wategos beach is located someway past the Little Wategos. It is a surfer’s haven and is also one of the best spots in Byron Bay to take photographs at. There is a beautiful bunch of rocks on the beach. The overall ambiance of the beach is also really hip and chilled out which means that in addition to all that gorgeous photographs you will also want to swim and laze in the sun on the pristine sands.

The Pass

The Pass is another really popular beach that is located close to the Wategos. This too is an ideal surfing location and there is a quaint and dainty rock hill that has stairs which goes all the way up to the top from where you can click away to your heart’s content. The walk from this hill to the lighthouse is one that is really scenic and stunning making for perfect photography on a beautifully sunny Australian morning. These make up for some of the best locations in Byron Bay from where you can play around with your lens.

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