A Lady’s Guide- How Do You Deal with Hot Flashes?

Menopause is something all women face at one point or another. What’s so bad about menopause is its hot flashes. Frankly, it’s what makes the experience the most uncomfortable. This is why we’ll be going through the many things you can do to tackle it. So, read ahead.

Deal with Your Emotions

Menopause is natural. It’s not something youHow to choose which dress for which event? should be ashamed of, so you need to accept the changes that are happening to your body. This will help you deal with hot flashes because you may find it very hard as you know you’re moving into your later years. If you come to terms with this, you won’t look at hot flashes as a monster, but a natural occurrence.


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Wear Clothes in Layers

When hot flashes hit, you’ll feel like you’re burning up. It feels almost like a fever, but worse. Sometimes, you can heat up so much that you skin is too hot to touch. This is why women should think about wearing clothes in layers.

As they start to feel hot, they can take different layers of clothes off. As the intensity of heat increases, they’ll be able to combat it.

Don’t Move Too Much

When dealing with hot flashes, it’s important that you don’t move too much. When you moving, you’re burning calories. This is as your body is going through its energy supplies to fuel your movements, especially if you’re moving quite a bit.

If you weren’t aware, the burning of energy is a metabolic reaction which releases heat. Obviously, we don’t want anything to contribute to the heat you’re feeling, so keep this in mind.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important when it comes to dealing with hot flashes. If you’re tired, you won’t be able to focus and you’ll feel agitated. So, when you start to feel hot, you’ll feel worse than you would if you got enough sleep. This can make the hot flashes unbearable.

Unfortunately, the hot flashes make it hard for you to sleep. After all, you feel like you’re burning up. So, what do you do?


You should think about meditating as it’ll relax your mind and body, letting you combat the heat and doze off, even if the heat is making sleep an impossible task.

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Turn on the AC

One of the best ways to tackle hot flashes is blasting your AC. As you’re so hot, the air conditioner would really cool you down. However, you have to be careful.

Menopause isn’t just hot flashes. You’d feel weak and your bones would start to hurt. So, being in a very cool room would make you more lethargic, which would amplify the feebleness you’ve been feeling.

All in all, there are multiple things you could do to tackle hot flashes. So, heed our advice.