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Four Ways to Create Amazing Wedding Videos

We all want to preserve memories of our wedding day, in some shape or form, whether through images or videos. Wedding photos are a classic choice, but have you ever considered recording your big day? You could not only experiment with making videos, but also capture every image, every word and every mishap, and have it all on record for posterity! Some couples screen their very own video at their wedding reception, so you can consider this too. Read on for some creative ideas for making wedding videos.

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Cinematic video

A cinematic video is artsy, well made and a pleasure to watch. For this style of video, you’ll need professional help from either a friend or a recognized videographer such as Byron bay wedding videographer as it requires a lot of edits and enhancements. Make sure to include footage of the bride and groom not just at the reception, but in picturesque locations such as walking on the beach, strolling hand in hand through the woods and so on. A combination of black and white and colour footage could be included as well. Capture every little detail and angle and watch as your friends and relatives gasp at the whole beauty of it.


A documentary style video will help you capture the events and days leading up to your wedding. A documentary video doesn’t require professional help and if you have the proper equipment, you could create your own video all by yourself. You can get really experimental with this style of video, and make use of various techniques and even interview your subjects. It should also be informal and fun to watch, so capture every little detail, including the corny wedding speeches and the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. It doesn’t require a whole lot of editing either, and the more authentic it seems, the more you’ll feel like you’re there once you rewatch it.

Movie style

Making a movie style video is sure to be a blast, especially for film buffs. You could make this video before your wedding day and send it to all your relatives and friends as a sign of what to expect and to show what you’ve been up to. Give it your own personal touch. You could even film it using the signature style of your favourite director! Add some background music and come up with a small script if you like. You could either hire professionals like Byron bay wedding videography to help you out, or do all the editing yourself.

Interview style

As the name suggests, the interview style video is made up entirely of words. Have a close friend or relative interview you and your partner. Give him or her a list of questions to ask, such as how you met, where you had your first date and how the proposal went. You can pour out all your feelings and thoughts and express your excitement and joy as your wedding day draws closer.

These are just a few ideas for wedding videos you could make. Also consider a proposal video and a wedding music video!

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