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How to Prepare for Your Marriage Ceremony in Byron Bay

If you are ready to tie the knot with your partner, then there are a few things you should know about before you do. Since this will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, it is important to make sure that it goes at smooth as possible. Here are some things you will need to do to prepare for the marriage ceremony that you are having in Byron Bay.

Book the venue

If you have an idea of where you will want to have the ceremony, then you should make sure to book it well in advance. You should also make sure to find out if there is any affordable wedding photography available so you can find out the dates that are applicable. This is important since reception halls tend to have very little free reservations in the next few days, unless a previously made reservation has been cancelled. This is especially the case if the venue you plan on having the event, tends to host a lot of events. Once you have finalized on the date, you should make the confirmation for the reservation.

Prepare the guest list

The guest list is a vital part of any marriage ceremony. When deciding the guest list, try to make sure that you first prioritize the important guests before you put in the distant relatives or friends. Before you can go about preparing the guest list, you will need to find out about the seating arrangements in the hall that you have chosen as the venue. If it is going to be a church wedding then you will not have seating for too many guests, so you will have to limit this. Try not to invite too many guests, since this will make the place overcrowded.

Inquire about the services

Apart from just making a reservation for the hall, there are plenty of other services that you might want to get. Such services will include the caterers and wedding photographers, who will be of most important. It can often be difficult to find an affordable wedding photographer however we can recommend a few, just get in contact with us! We spoke with Jack who we found at about how much you should be spending on a photographer – “you should expect anywhere between $700 – $1,500 for an amateur, or $2,500 or more for a higher end photographer. Since this special day only comes around once a lifetime (you’d hope), it’s best to go with a high end quality photographer that you know is going to kill it”. In regards to catering, without the proper caterers, the guests may not be satisfied and this in turn would make the ceremony less joyous. The photographers are key, since you will want to remember the ceremony for the rest of your life. There are various other services that you may consider getting as well, depending on the requirement.

By following these guidelines, you should be better prepared to host your marriage ceremony. There are various other factors that have not been listed here, but these are the essential points to consider.

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