Must-Have Items for Breastfeeding Moms

As a parent, you’ll always want to give the best to your little one – from baby gears, toys, food, and a lot more. Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can give to your baby. Aside from giving him the protection and immunity he needs outside the womb; it also provides complete nutrition needed for his full development.

Being a breastfeeding mom is not easy. There are plenty of things you have to consider. During the first weeks of your newborn, you’ll find that you spend almost all of your time breastfeeding your little one. Some moms find it hard to sync back to their work schedule just like they used to do. There are also plenty of challenges to face every day such as back pain, lack of sleep, sore nipples, and a lot more. To make your breastfeeding journey lighter, here are the top items every breastfeeding mom should have.

Nursing Pillow

Holding an infant on the same position for a long time can be exhausting. A good nursing pillow provides the right amount of support you need to keep you and your little one comfortable while nursing. If back pain is one of the common problems you face, this item will definitely help you a lot.

Nursing Pads

When you’re breastfeeding, there are times that your breasts will leak milk especially when you haven’t nursed your baby for a while. Nursing pads are a perfect add on to your undergarment to absorb those leaks and keep your clothes dry.

Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are designed to provide easy access to the breast, making it more convenient to use especially when your little one nurses more frequently. Unlike other bras, you can simply unclip each cup every feeding without the need of taking off the whole thing. It is also more comfortable to wear with it non-wire and breathable design. Couple it with stylish breastfeeding nursing tops so you can easily feed your baby anytime, anywhere.

Breast Pump

Having a breast pump at hand helps you produce more milk especially on the first few days after giving birth. Pumping regularly stimulates the milk glands to create more milk for your baby. Whether you’re working or just going out for a short time, it is important to have a stash of breast milk ready for your baby. Your partner or family can help you out in feeding your baby with good breast milk even when you’re away.

Pumping Accessories

When you’re pumping, you’ll definitely need accessories such as a pumping bra and clean storage containers for breast milk. Simply put on the pumping bra and attach the breast pump on it and you can pump milk conveniently, hands-free. After pumping, you can store the milk on sterile milk bags or bottles for storage on the fridge.

With these essential breastfeeding gears, you’ll definitely have a convenient and more comfortable breastfeeding journey with your little one. Invest on the good ones and see how it changes your breastfeeding experience.