Simple Ways to Have A Safe Pregnancy

Congratulations on the little bundle of joy that you would soon see after nine months. But, before you get to experience the incomparable joy of motherhood, you have to make sure that your pregnancy is going well. Of course, the first step to doing that is to have a specialized doctor look after you. Mark your calendars for prenatal visits that you should not skip. When you are asked to come by your doctor, don’t dilly-dally. Clear your schedule and consider these appointments sacred.

Happy expectant mothers are also considered to have an easier and safer pregnancy compared to those stressed mommies to be. Never underestimate the importance of emotional support from your partner, family and friends. Just knowing that you are not alone during your pregnancy could do wonders to your disposition even if you are constantly plagued by morning sickness.

Drink Vitamins

Of course, don’t just buy any vitamins from your trusty pharmacy. Chances are your doctor would prescribe vitamins to ensure that your baby would develop and grow healthy. Once the doctor prescribed you with vitamins, make sure that you take them since these vitamins would prevent birth defects on your baby. Eat food rich in folic acid and calcium such as broccoli, oranges, spinach, kidney beans, and yogurt and don’t forget to drink milk.

Avoid Certain Foods

If there are foods that you have to eat which are important for your pregnancy you have to know that there are certain foods that should avoid altogether while you are pregnant. Avoid eating raw or cooked rare meats. Do not eat sushi and mayonnaise (because it has raw eggs). Avoid brie, feta and other soft cheeses. Avoid unpasteurized milk or any food that might cause food poisoning.

Of course, alcohol must be avoided at all costs. Even if you are used to drinking wine, don’t drink it during and after your pregnancy especially if you are planning to breastfeed. Alcohol is one of the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects such as foetal alcohol syndrome and low birth weight.

Avoid Sick People

Keep away from sick people especially those who have chickenpox, shingles and other viral diseases. Viruses could easily be transmitted and when you are pregnant you are at a greater risk. If it is flu season, ask your doctor about getting a shot. If it is okay and no harm will come to you and your baby, consider being protected against influenza.

Educate Yourself

It would not hurt for you to educate yourself regarding your situation so you would be constantly informed of the changes your body is going through. It is recommended that you attend classes and learn with other expectant mothers. But, if you do not have the time or there are no classes near you, read books, listen to podcasts and watch educational videos about pregnancy.

Having a safe pregnancy should be your and your partner’s priority. You must reduce stress during these months to improve the positive outcome of your pregnancy.