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Things to Know Before You Tie the Knot

Following on from our last post about tips for your wedding day, we thought we’d provide some things to know before you even tie the knot.

Having a marriage ceremony will more than likely be very expensive. This is especially the case if you plan on hosting it in grand fashion rather than having a small ceremony. Here are a few things you will need to consider before you decide to have your marriage ceremony.

Allocate a budget

Since this is a day that will be very important to you, you will need to allocate a large budget towards having the event. There are several things you will need to factor in, such as the reception hall or venue that you are using and the other services. If you plan on getting the best wedding photographer, you will need to allocate a fair bit of your budget for this too. Another important service will be the catering. This will determine the satisfaction of the guests that attend the wedding, as the food is one of the most important parts of the event. Try not to go overboard with who you pick for this, but do check if they allow food testing before the event, so you can request any changes.

Decide on the dress code

The wedding dress and suit will be another huge expense for the wedding. Though it may be more expensive to get the wedding dress for the bride, both partners should discuss what they will be wearing and match it accordingly. You may consider having a dress code for the guests as well, so that the groom will stand out from the rest. If you don’t plan on having it too formal then you can request your guests to wear informal clothing as well. If you find yourself unable to afford the clothes then you could also consider renting them for the day.

Coordinate the event

If you want the event to go smoothly, you will need to coordinate the entire event. For instance, you will need to know what time the food will need to be served and what activities will happen in the event. If you got the wedding photography, then you will need to coordinate with them as well, so that they can assign the photographers to be in the correct places to capture a moment. This is a vital part of having the ceremony go well as you will want to remember all the important moments that took place during it.

By using the above three tips, you could prepare a checklist on things you plan to do during the wedding. By following them, you can ensure that the ceremony goes as smooth as possible.

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