Problems You May Face Working As A Hot Air Balloon Pilot

If you are planning on becoming a pilot for hot air ballooning, you should know that your job is one that is really enjoyable but at the same time not devoid of the issues that come with every profession.  While some of these problems are actually ones that are not serious at all, there are some real clinchers in there too. Here are some problems that you will have to face with like a hot air balloon pilot on and off again.

Boggy Fields to Land On

While you may not intentionally do so, during the rainy season if you have taken off on a flight you might have to land once and again on muddy and wet fields. That does not sound as charming as watching over the sweeping vistas right? That is why you should have some good Wellingtons to hand always.

The Rainy Season

Well just about any other aircraft can actually be flown without too much of a hassle on a rainy day but that rule of course does not apply to hot air balloons. Why you ask? Well, because the rain cools down the hot air inside the balloon and that it never great for the pilot (meaning you) who is trying to control the balloon. So word to the wise, if it is raining, stay put on the ground.

Finding Work With the Right Folks

So there are many services out there that will hire the pilots but maybe not all of them are up to the right standard. As a pilot, your responsibility is not just getting inside the balloon and navigating it but also making sure that the people who you are taking into the sky are safe. You need to have good skills but the equipment needs to be good too, which is why you are better off joining something like Melbourne’s leading hot air balloon service providers. Just do your homework before you take up the job.

When People Ask You What the Best View Is

Really you can never think of answering this question with just one single option. You are going to be seeing so many stunning views almost on a daily basis that when people ask you to take them to the best view ever, you really are going to have a hard time making that call. But do keep in mind that you are going to probably be asked this question on almost any trip that you take your customers on. They will simply think that you know better. But you can’t really choose from nature’s wonders can you now?

Chapped and Broken Nails

If you care about keeping that manicure neat and clean just forget about it because between the soot and the valves you are not going to be seeing pretty nails that much. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds since your jobs are actually quite great, just that you should not invest too much on manicures.