destinations for cycling holidays

Top 3 overseas destinations for cycling holidays

The cycling holidays are a great way of fun and entertainment. They do not provide you plenty of pleasure but they also make you feel healthy and strong. The cycling holidays are a great option for people who want to explore the world from a different perspective. The cycling holidays provide you with the opportunity to capture amazing landscapes while enabling you to make new friends from different locations.

destinations for cycling holidays

We recommend going on cycling tours with a group as it makes things easier for you. The experienced tour organizers like atoq cycling can add more fun to your cycling holiday tour. However, the decision is all yours. Here are some of the best overseas destinations where you can go for cycling holidays.




Cyclists that want to have some fun during the spring can go to Spain to enjoy an incredible cycling holiday. It can be ideal to visit the mountains in the months of February, March, and April. But you’d hardly find a group going for cycling holidays during winter or summer season as it’s not good for some reasons. There are plenty of locations where you can enjoy camping with the crew.

In fact, you may also take a ride to the smaller islands that are known for their incredible beauty. The mainland areas in Calpe and Denia, Mallorca, and piece de resistance are some of the best places to visit for cycling holidays in Spain.




Belgium is obviously known for its natural beauty and there are numerous visitors that come here to explore the beauty of this area. But many of these visitors don’t have any idea about how much fun they can have if they go for a cycling tour in Belgium. Belgium is also considered to be an ideal option for spring tours.

destinations for cycling holidays

The hills in the south can be the perfect option for those that want to ride cycles in the mountains. Otherwise, you can head to the north to have fun at the flat stretches.


Cape Town, South Africa

destinations for cycling holidays

The cyclists will enjoy riding the cycle under the shadow of Table Mountain. Without any doubt, this area is known for providing a healthy environment for tourists. The Misty Cliffs, Cape Point Nature Reserve, Chapman’s Peak, and Smitswinkel climb are some incredible places for tourists who want to enjoy the cycling holidays.